What We Do

River Oak Capital provides solutions for the acquisition, development, and refinancing of commercial real estate throughout the United States.

When you partner with River Oak, you can concentrate on developing new business while we manage those inevitable challenges that arise during the financing of commercial real estate. And with our extensive knowledge of the real estate ecosystem, we do it in ways that save you both time and money.

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Our Services

See your vision come to life. With the aid of our financing products, we make sure that every part of the funding process for your new development goes like clockwork.

Widen the reach of your business. If you're looking to obtain new assets, we'll evaluate investment opportunities aligned with your needs in addition to the financing that goes with it.
Secure your investment for years to come. Whether you're looking for long term fixed debt or a bridge loan to re-position your asset, we can provide you with simple financing solutions for all asset classes.

In addition to our ICRE services, River Oak Capital actively invests in value…


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As a River Oak Capital Associate, you will work within teams of typically 3 t…

Most Recent Transactions

Assisted Living

15 year fully fixed loan 
70% LTV with cash out

Tampa Multi-Family

10 year fixed at 75% LTV

Galleria Mall

75% LTV 
15 year fixed term loan

Cache Valley Mall

75% LTV 
20 year fully amortizing loan

Merchant’s Plaza

80% HTC 
Equity Bridge loan

Chapel Center & Chapel Plaza

80% LTV 
Acquisition and Financing Services