Affirmative Action in University Admissions

Sheridan Bibo

Many students attempting to attend top level universities are finding that affirmative action in colleges in increasingly an issue. Prior to the Civil War, there was no structured higher education system for black people. Public policy prohibited the education of blacks in various parts of the nation. The legacy of slavery continues to affect millions of people in a negative way. Some believe it is an issue that has been dealt with and belongs in the past. Affirmative Action is program that was initially created to rectify the past societal discrimination and segregation by allocating jobs and educational opportunities for black people. Affirmative Action is deeply rooted in the struggle for black civil rights.

The court ruled that race-based admissions was permissible, but stated that they expected affirmative action to no longer be necessary in 25 years. On the same day, they heard Gratz v. Bollinger, which struck down the University of Michigan’s point-based admissions system, as it gave automatic points to underrepresented minorities. It was essentially leading to quotas, and did not encourage a case-by-case review of applicants. Supporters for affirmative action want to continue to have minorities put at an advantage. One of the main ideas of affirmative action was to make things fair and equal.

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Because of racial discrimination in the housing market, for example, black people are much more likely to live in neighbourhoods with concentrated poverty and have low levels of wealth than do white people of the same income. Challengers affirmative action college admissions essay of affirmative action claim that affirmative action is a form of racism in that it uses race as a factor and as a result excludes another race . Many of the lawsuits brought against the use of affirmative action has claimed exactly this.

What do top universities look for in applicants?

Collaboration and teamwork. Universities want to accept students who will contribute to their overall community. Not only does this include collaborative thinking and being a constructive member of the class, but it also means sports and activities.

Affirmative action creates opportunities for many, but studies show that not all of these opportunities are fully taken advantage of. Although affirmative action was created to battle discrimination, it has created a form of reverse discrimination many believe has a ubiquitous presence today in the college admissions process. I was given the opportunity to attend a university with remarkable academic standards free of cost while many of my classmates had to choose alternative options because Detailed Cause and Effect Essay Writing of their race. I was grateful, indeed, but I also questioned whether I actually met the standards of the universities I received acceptance to, or if I was accepted simply to enhance their profiles. Was I just filling the racial quota of minority students that had to receive a certain scholarship or was every candidate considered without the racial bias? Students should not have to question their academic ability nor should qualified students be denied opportunities because of their race.

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Many feel that in a tight job market acquiring a college educational is an essential prerequisite for career advancement thus competition for admission to many of the nation’s best universities is increasing. After the civil war, Southern legislators enacted Jim Crow laws that mandated racial segregation in all public facilities including public education starting in the 1870’s . Access to higher education was specifically extended to African Americans with the passage of the second Morrill Act of 1890.

Affirmative action in college is the strategy of promoting members of society who belong to a race that has faced institutional discrimination in the past. The intended goals of affirmative action were to help these minority students get access to higher education and promote diversity within the colleges. “In 1997, Barbara Grutter, a white resident of Michigan, applied for admission affirmative action college admissions essay to the University of Michigan Law School. Grutter applied with a 3.8 undergraduate GPA and an LSAT score of 161. Later in 2001, “The judge in the Grutter v. Bollinger case ruled “the University of Michigan Law School’s admissions policy . Unconstitutional.4 These examples demonstrate how affirmative action treats non-minorities unfairly, even though they work hard in school.

Affirmative Action Policies: Reasons Pros and Cons

“California, Washington, Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona, and Oklahoma are states that “currently ban race-based affirmative action at all public universities”13 and minorities are thriving at these schools. Perhaps a better policy at this point would be not to merely admit more minority students, but rather encourage more minority students to enroll in the first place, to help balance out the enrollment pool.

  • When you here quota this is referring to having or wanting a limited quality of something or someone.
  • This could have a huge impact on the eventual outcome of this case and quite possibly the death of affirmative action.
  • This literature review will examine the history and birth of affirmative action policies, the tumultuous life of affirmative action, the main issues surrounding affirmative action and the slow death of affirmative action.
  • Racial integration of colleges and universities had been decided upon by the Supreme Court before Brown v. Board has occurred; however, equal access to quality education and the public discourse on race became more focused upon with the Brown ruling.
  • The main focus at this stage is on trying to achieve a balance in enrolling diverse students.
  • Affirmative action is not used to further conflict race relations.
  • Perhaps a better policy at this point would be not to merely admit more minority students, but rather encourage more minority students to enroll in the first place, to help balance out the enrollment pool.

Affirmative action should be used in the college admissions process. Affirmative action is not used to further conflict race relations. Affirmative action is necessary to contribute for advancing minority groups. Finally, elite colleges and universities have closed their doors or made it virtually impossible to attend.

Affirmative Action In Higher Education

My highly anticipated senior year of high school had begun, which meant the confusing, dreaded college application process had begun along with it. I had already researched many potential universities and colleges and finally decided to which schools I was going to apply. However, I was just beginning to thoroughly read the actual applications. I came to realize that each of the different schools asked its prospective students unique essay questions.

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  • In conclusion, Colleges should judge applicants solely based on their academic criteria and leave race, gender, economic, and anything else out of it.
  • The case is a departure from past challenges to race-conscious admissions.
  • It is not helping poor blacks; it is primarily helping well-to-do blacks.
  • An individual could be turned away simply because they were a woman, of an ethnic…
  • Many students attempting to attend top level universities are finding that affirmative action in colleges in increasingly an issue.
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Affirmative action stigmatizes individuals, hence it should be dismantled and abolished from consideration of practice. Affirmative action is promoting opportunity to those of a minority group who don’t have the opportunity to begin with. No matter your gender, race, religion, etc. if you have not had the opportunity that the majority has had because of something you cannot control then you should be afforded the opportunity so you can be on an even playing field in life. Yes affirmative action is still necessary today and will be until everyone is afforded the same opportunities. These opportunities included but are absolutely not limited to religion, race, and gender of individuals within our society.