Commercial Real Estate Financing Services

River Oak Capital provides solutions for the acquisition, development, and refinancing of commercial real estate throughout the United States.

We offer step-by-step guidance and assistance with all of your ICRE financing needs.  We strive to learn your goals and offer customized solutions to ensure you the best end result for your asset expectations.

We will assist you in finding the best options available to finance your projects.  With River Oak Capital, you can be sure that your project financing needs will be met with less hassle and an optimal ROI.

Why choose us?

Finance Difficult Assets
No obstacles to your plans. Years in the real estate market enabled us to effectively identify the main challenges of the financing stage for your business; that way you can maximize the value of your investment by capitalizing on our experience.
Customized Attention
Every investment is unique. Therefore, every client has different needs. We get to know you and your financing needs in order to ensure that every step of our consulting process is relevant and directly addresses the needs of each individual investment.
Quick Closes, High Leverage
Knowledge is power. Our extensive experience in the commercial property investment field has made us highly competitive in the banking world. This experience ensures that you will obtain financing that will allow you to maximize your leverage and your ROI.