The Benefits of Establishing a Long-Term Relationship with a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Cassandra Sampson

Buying commercial property, or refinancing your current properties can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Luckily, the commercial mortgage brokers at River Oak Capital are here to make it much more straightforward which will allow you to focus on what you do best. Below are some of the many reasons why working with River Oak Capital’s commercial mortgage brokers are the best option for you and your business.

Support and guidance

A commercial mortgage broker is here to support and guide you throughout the process. As a client, our priority is you. River Oak Capital is a relationship focused mortgage broker company and we ensure that we are there to help every step of the way; from the first call until the closing of your loan.

Knowledge and expertise of the industry

At River Oak Capital, our mortgage brokers know what needs to be done to get our clients the best loan for what they need. Having a strong foundation of knowledge in finance and real estate means that we are always there to find the solution for whatever might come up along the way. There have been many times when the unique knowledge that we have, has helped us come up with creative ways to get a loan closed smoothly.

Saving you time

Rather than spending your valuable time speaking with lenders and having to figure out everything that they require, have us do that for you! We know what the lenders require and will prepare you for that from the outset. We will deal with those little surprises and questions that come up along the way allowing you to focus on your business.

Already established lender connections and relationships

Half the battle in securing a competitive loan that actually closes is finding the right lender for you and your properties. Commercial mortgage brokers have established relationships with not only lenders but other professionals in the industry such as appraisers and accountants, that makes the process much smoother.

Having more than one option eliminates the risk

As mentioned above, as commercial mortgage brokers we have a network of lenders who we have working relationships with. Working with only a single lender can be a risk. You may get a month in and it all falls through. That not only wastes time but also money. A commercial mortgage broker works with multiple lenders at once which means that the chances that your loan gets funded is significantly higher.

So, do you need to refinance your multifamily apartment? Do you need a bridge loan to get that office building stabilized before putting it into loan term financing? Are you about to purchase a new commercial property to add to your portfolio?

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