Sheridan Bibo

Wikia search engine, a new project of Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales, will use the Grub search engine that the company acquired from LookSmart, Reuters reports. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. Grub was created in 2000. and prior to the acquisition by LookSmart in 2003. – was an open source project. Currently, the Windows client for Grub is in the testing phase, there are no plans to create versions for other systems yet. The main idea of ​​Wikia is not to use the traditional methods of search and search results used by competitors, but to involve search engine users in the content selection process (just as numerous Wikipedia editors are doing now). According to Jimmy Wales, this approach could significantly change the structure of the Internet. Wikia intends to open Grub to third-party developers, both in order to improve the product and to integrate the search engine into various Internet resources. Note that «openness» future search engine is one of the key ideas for Mr. Wales. It compares popular search engines with «black boxes», who do not disclose on what basis they search. Founder Wikipedia believes that a search engine, created on the same principles as the famous encyclopedia, will be able to oust Google «With an open search platform, we will be able to compete with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft – the leaders of this market. We hope that many companies will support us and cooperate with us», – said Jimmy Wales. Recall: the information that the founder of Wikipedia intends to work on a new project competing with Google appeared in early 2007. Mr. Wales believes that Wikia will be able to take at least 5% of the global search engine market, but now he is not only talking about it, but has also moved to take action.