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Learn more about central offices, online resources, how to locate people and places, and important academic dates. Suicide prevention program including an anonymous and confidential online stress and depression survey that is evaluated by a qualified university counselor. The Ohio State University’s child care program offers a variety of enrollment options. In addition, there is support for qualifying student parents through “Child Care Access Means Parents in School” Program with more info at or by calling .

To learn more check out our list of the best screencasting software for teachers. Here is an assessment tools list with 20 more formative and summative assessment tools for teachers.

Printable Resources For International Students

It can preserve the kinesthetic learning aspects of taking notes, while allowing you to store and access your notes in a digital format. This article contains my own advice, along with the advice of a current student, Andy Nielsen, OTS. In it, we attempt to gather the best resources for OT and COTA students in one place. Math Power – Math tutorials written by other students, videos, math anxiety and study tips. Starfish Success is SUNY Delhi’s new communication tool to support student success. Online learning options to meet a wide range of student needs. Whether you need assistance paying your fees, choosing a meal plan, connecting online or navigating the campus, there is always a resource to help you.

I had trouble using Citation Machine, so I used my own school’s online writing center for help. I think there’s a lot of value in knowing how to cite references in common formats, such as APA, by memory. In OT school, you will likely find yourself undertaking much more technical writing than you did in your undergraduate program. The amount of writing only increases when you become a practitioner.

Selected resources are listed below with a sampling of their services. These email accounts will be created in January and May . Sending email to your account is the College’s official method of communication to our students, so once created it is very important you check it regularly. Notification that your TCNJ email has been created will be sent to the email address you provided during the application process. To have access to your TCNJ email on your phone, check out this page with step-by-step instructions. A good screencasting app like Zoom or Flipgrid is a must for gauging student morale.

  • You can adjust or configures the audio and video settings before converting the DVDs.
  • Fast ripping tool – Able to rip a 150 minutes DVD to MP4 within 20 minutes with lossless quality.
  • Extract Audio from DVD – If you need, you can extract the DVD audio tracks to mp3, wma, m4a, etc.

Most students understand little to nothing about the loans they’ve acquired during school. Some of the most informative financial posts I’ve read have come from Fitbux blog posts. NBCOT has an awesome suite of resources to assist you when that time does come.

It’s helpful to look into whether you can qualify for Medicaid and even use food stamps when you’re in school. Some OT students do qualify for this, but it’s best to check early so you can save the most money if it’s an option for you. Medicaid can also really help with family finances Escape from Tarkov for Windows 10 if you are having a baby while you’re in school.